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Study Medicine in Abroad

studymed_side1 "Study Medicine Abroad"

Why Study Medicine?

Medical studies will always remain the forerunner in the brightest of the student minds. Often considered as the most challenging and extremely rewarding curriculum these medical studies consistently top the academic charts with the number of students opting for medicine based studies and courses each year. The practice of Medicine is a primary requirement and has been in existence since the advent of mankind and it is most often associated to the religious and the philosophical beliefs of the society. Today’s students have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to choosing a medical program in their parent country or abroad. Few things that need to be factored in are the given pointers.

studymed_side2 "Medical Institutions in Abroad"

Competition for entry to Medical Institutions

The entry into a medical school in India either to a Government or Private institution is very competitive. With the advent of the unified merit based admission system in India entry into a Medical college is next to impossible without the right merit and credentials. Considering the high competition many students from India prefer to do these medicine courses in universities abroad.

Affordability for the courses

Even after cracking the toughest of the competitive examinations and getting an allocation in the medical institutions few students drop out of the course considering the exorbitant fees involved for the completion of these courses. With multiple options in foreign universities a medical course with a cost lower than that in India has become a possibility now.

studymed_side3 "Quality of the healthcare education"

The quality of the healthcare education and the healthcare facilities available in the parent country

In a highly populous country like India, the healthcare facilities available can vary from the basic primary healthcare centers to highly sophisticated technology driven private medical facilities. Currently these facilities are taken care of by the doctors and technologists educated from the home pool and a miniscule of highly specialized professionals from abroad. With wide parity in healthcare and the unavailability of the latest medical technological facilities all through the country, the medical education takes a hit back Studying Medicine abroad is a great option considering the above factors but it is not to be taken as an easy option out for a student aspiring to become a medical professional will be dealing the factors like local language communication and will have to be resident in a new country for the complete duration of course which is approximately a good 5 to 6 years unlike other bachelors or masters programs in Engineering, Arts and Science. Nevertheless, studying a medicine degree in a foreign country can be a very rewarding personally as well as professionally. We suggest that the students consider the study options carefully before choosing their Alma Mater.

Selection of the Country of Choice:

Make a wise choice of the country to do your medicine degrees after considering the following pointers

  • Budget of the program for a year and the entire course duration
  • Living costs involved
  • Weather conditions in the country
  • Course content and the language of instruction
  • Safety of the students
  • Total Indian student population in the selected country and University
  • Cultural and Language differences

The team of student counselors at IMTP take utmost care to ensure all the student needs are covered and help them get the best of the opportunities available. We at IMTP take pride in diligently assessing the students of their capabilities and direct them towards their global goals. We have tied up with the multiple universities in the following countries to ensure the highest success rates for our students.

studymed_side4 "Medical Universities in Abroad"

The Universities under USA Medicine will be

  • Manipal Medical University, Antigua. (American University of Antigua)
  • St.George's University, Grenada.

The Universities under UK Medicine will be

  • University of GLASGOW
  • University of DUNDEE
  • The University of EDINBURGH
  • University of ABERDEEN
  • The University of NOTTINGHAM.
  • University of LIVERPOOL
  • University of MANCHESTER
  • QUEEN MARY University of London
  • University of LEEDS
  • Queen's University BELFAST
  • University of SOUTHAMPTON
  • The University of WARWICK

The Universities Under Australia will be

  • University of ADELAIDE
  • Australian National University
  • UNSW
  • University of TASMANIA
  • The University of NEWCASTLE
  • Western Sydney University

The University in Ireland


The University in Canada