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"Study MBBS in the greatest country"

Why study MBBS in Canada?

Thousands of students chose to study in Canada. A land of endless possibilities. Canada’s world-class colleges and universities deliver more than 150,00 programs across hundreds of campuses. The country has small friendly towns to metropolitan cities. If your dream is to study, live and work in Canada why wait? Canada is the best place suited for medical aspirants; Let's look at the details of the medical programs in Canada.

Apart from the world-class medical education, Canada exposes wonderful opportunities for international students. It’s the best and safest place to live and it entertains a multicultural system. The universities here have a systematic procedure for admission, procedures, fees, and quality.

When you speak about the significant centers of quality education, Canada is of course the main hub. The quality education in Canada attracts many students across the globe. MBBS in Canada is a 4-year MD program. The academic standards of the medical universities in Canada and the curriculum framework are excellent. Canadian universities offer programs like UGME, BSc Medicine.

"Study Medicine in Canada"

Advantages of studying in Canada

There is not much competition in the Canadian universities. The program of medical study is different when compared to other countries. Rather than an MBBS degree, the course offered here is MD after the completion of a degree in any biological science. The teachers and professors are highly skilled and they have a well-developed teaching structure. There are special provisions made by the Canadian government to international students which help in an emergency. Universities provide a stipend for last year's students to support their practical programs and projects. After the course, students can practice MBBS in Canada. A comfortable environment and favorable work opportunities, innovative technologies make Canadian universities famous. You can also practice Medicine after returning to your country as an internationally recognized medical degree owner. The brand value of a Canadian medical degree is immensely recognized. The job opportunities with attractive salaries make it a favorite destination for medical aspirants.

Fee structure of medical courses in Canada

The approximate MBBS fees in Canada range between CAD 1,20,000 to CAD 36 91,760. This may vary according to the year and university. There are many scholarships for international medical students in Canada. The fees’ structure offered affordable tuition fees, amenities, and transportation fees.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Canada

Candidates should have cleared their bachelor’s degree in science before applying to Canada.

IELTS or Toefl is mandatory. The minimum score band is 7 Students applying from India should clear the NEET exam. Candidates should have a medical degree for applying to medical schools.

The other documents include Highschool and bachelor's degree certificates, The transcripts of medical degrees translated into English.

  • Test scores of NEET
  • Valid passport and photos
  • The admission process normally happens in September

If a student with a non-science subject wants to apply, the duration of this extends to 5 years to bridge the gap.

"Study in Canada; planet’s most comfortable place

Medical Colleges in Canada

There are many renowned universities in Canada. They provide excellent training and teaching. They are ready to supplement all the facilities required for the students so that they get a promising future. There are almost 17 medical colleges in Canada. Based on their reputation and infrastructure their fees may vary.

  • University of Toronto
  • The University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • Humber College
  • York University

The courses in these universities include short-term courses also other than MBBS like kinesiology diploma, diploma in pharmacy and medicine, dental, health, paramedical.

Scholarships in Canada

Many universities give scholarships for students both international and local students. These can ease the financial burden of the students. Moreover, the scholarships and other financial awards motivate the students. These are provided by both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The main governmental scholarships are two. One is a Canadian graduate scholarship and the other one is NSERC Scholarship. The other scholarships include Rhodes Scholarship, Trudeau scholarship, etc. Many of the universities offer Merit-based scholarships

Opportunities for Students after completion of the course

There is a golden opportunity for the students in this growing field. Taking up the role of a general practitioner after completing MBBS in Canada, you can earn an average salary of 120,000 CAD. Many popular jobs are listed every day with a high salary ranging from 220000 CAD to 590000 CAD