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Are you wondering how to migrate to New Zealand from India?

You are not alone. Approximately millions of learners are looking forward to studying at top-ranked universities across the globe. The 2024 Global peace index rates tell that New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Thus it is, without doubt, a lot of haven for international students. With responsive education, civilization, and economy New Zealand will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Keeping all the factors in mind, possibly the most crucial factor for going abroad to study is the quality and standard of the programs which are offered to the students. After all, the primary reason for a student to go overseas is to pursue an education. Consisting of 8 universities with thavenhe right combination of both large and small schools, New Zealand provides prime educational possibilities for a wide array of studies. In addition to this, every University in New Zealand is favorably sought after and respected.

When selecting a destination to study abroad, it is of supreme importance to take into consideration the attitudes of the locals towards foreigners. It is this factor that eventually plays a substantial role in specifying whether you enjoyed your stay in your host country.

New Zealand has some of the friendliest regional populations in the world, and it has extremely low crime and mortality rates. Known as Kiwis, the locals are extremely hospitable and welcoming to universal students. If you need help in any form, then they will be happy to help.

The additional joy is that New- Zealand is an English-Speaking nation that eases the cultural shock that one may experience while shifting there.

About New Zealand

New Zealand's islands are famous for mixed topography, including high mountains, volcanoes, beaches, and forests. Visitors around the world find the country enhancing and actively engaged in peacekeeping and international security efforts around the world. New Zealand is a strong and steadfast country. The universities here ranked among 3% of the world. The country is friendly, inclusive, and safe. Amiable people, stunning landscapes, and calmed lifestyle are the best country can offer to students and tourists. New Zealand is multicultural and is easy for international students to fit in.

New Zealand is a growing independent country that emphasizes initiatives and efforts rather than rules and status. The living expenses for an individual will vary from person to person and city to city. So if you are going to New Zealand for your studies, you can try the universities where accommodation offers nearby. The living expense can be regulated with part-time jobs and internships for students. Different universities have given the budget amount, and it varies from 18000 NZD to 27000 NZD. So it is the student, who has to choose how much he can afford. If you have a friend or sponsor, your expenses can be reduced drastically. There are many ways to reduce your expenses if you have the correct financial plans. It is always better to find accommodation on sharing basis. In this way, students can save a good amount. Always travel by public transport. In many public and private places, student ID is given discounts while shopping. Make maximum use of the library materials and study resources from seniors. A ton of money can save if you have basic cooking skills.

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Why Study in Newzealand?

Internationally recognized New Zealand universities provide world-class education, outstanding educational standards, and high-quality research facilities for international students. As a result, they provide the perfect blend of an International society that is perfect assistance with an outdoor lifestyle that is prevalent in the country. Eight of New Zealand's largest institutions are located on its two main islands, the North and South Islands. Study and research are encouraged in the institutes here. Although all universities offer degrees in arts, business, and science, every college has some special courses to offer.

Study destinations similar to New Zealand

World-renowned universities

When you have a choice of settling in a globally accepted and world-recognized university why should you settle with an average one? The universities across New Zealand take pride in getting showcased as one among them. Every single need of a student is catered to. The universities are committed to continuous quality improvement and the best possible care for students. The institutions have a well-balanced curriculum, innovative faculty, and excellent student-teacher ratio .well as great quality education, New Zealand’s universities are also internationally diverse, with over 30,000 international students learning across the country in 2018. New Zealand's university system is research-based as it follows the British education model. Therefore, apart from the method of teaching in both places, there are similarities in many other things. In India too, the same education system as Britain is followed, so it is easy to adjust to Indian students there. The academic tutor is expected to be researchers as well as teachers. This provides a very quality learning experience.

The University of Auckland, the Victoria University of Wellington, and the University of Waikato in Hamilton are among the top 1 % in the world and the top universities in New Zealand for their research impact and quality. Indeed, a significant 20% of students at the Victoria University of Wellington come from outside the country.

Then there is the support network for international students. New Zealand’s universities have ensured that the student experience will be seamless and hassle-free as possible building a strong and caring student welfare system.

Enhance your career

Education and academic standards in New Zealand are recognized worldwide by employers. As well to have the chance to go on and obtain a job abroad, students will have the option to work here in New Zealand too. International students will be able to stay for two years of work experience after an undergraduate or master’s degree, or three years following a Ph.D.

An abundance of Job Opportunities

According to the Universities of New Zealand which is the sector voice for all eight universities depicting their communal views nationally and internationally, after graduation, 97% of the students get employed and 90% of them get into job profiles that are pertinent to the course they’ve sought. The bulk of these employees will be highly skilled employees such as those in Planning and Construction, Finance Committee/ Business, Health and Social Services, ICT and Electronics, Hospitality and Tourism, and Science and it is anticipated that most of these people have opportunities will have to be filled by people coming to study in New Zealand from overseas; maybe people like you.

Life in New Zealand

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the limitless outdoor activities the country has to offer, nonetheless of the season. Skiing down a cliff in the morning and surfing in the afternoon is probable in New Zealand. It has a quiet and loosened-up life. Large cities are not swarmed and if you live in the same homeland, your neighborhood residence might be kilometers away from home. Low cost of education and living the cost of living in New Zealand is low compared to other countries. Food is available at affordable prices and there are many accommodation options available to the students. Universities offer a range of degrees, pathways, and programs for international students who want to come to New Zealand, to study. This includes undergraduate courses, masters, taught masters, and Ph.D. New Zealand Bachelor’s degree takes only three years to complete. This is because the New Zealand education system does not require students to take minor courses in addition to their primary degree, which is common in other European countries.

Most colleges require an educational equivalent that satisfies the needs of the next level of education. To gain entry into the undergraduate courses in New Zealand an international student must satisfy the criteria set out by each institution. A university degree at a recognized institution may qualify you for this. Students whose first language is not English should prove their proficiency in the language and this can be done by taking IELTS or TOEFL tests.

You should think about your career goals when choosing a course after your master's. If you intend to study again, you should consider taking a Ph.D. rather than a taught master's program, a taught master's program, focuses more on applied learning and preparation for the workplace than a Ph.D. A Master’s degree in New Zealand takes 2 Years to complete. There are other options like pathways to continue course after course for 3 years. The atmosphere of New Zealand is quite beautiful, charming, and peaceful. Reading in the middle of a beautiful environment has its fun. There are many great universities out there for foreign students to study. Let us know about 5 top universities among them, where it will be right for you to enroll.

The University of Otago-Dunedin,South Island (University of Otago), is the first university in New Zealand located in the beautiful city of Dunedin. If you want to study while enjoying the beauty of nature, then this university is suitable for you. The university has its own special identity in subjects like Pre Medical (Health Sciences), Humanities, Science, and Business.

The University of Auckland-Auckland, North Island (University of Auckland) The beach on the east and west sides of the city creates quite a panoramic view. The university is located in the heart of the city, where there are many facilities for shopping and food. If you want to study subjects like civil engineering, psychology, accounting, finance, and education, then this university is the best. You will get a lot of research opportunities here on the subject of your choice.

The University of Canterbury-Christchurch, South Island (University of Canterbury) A few years ago, the city was hit by a horrific earthquake. However, the city recovered from this tragedy very quickly. Apart from studies, there is also a lot of opportunity for enjoyment in the atmosphere. Enjoy biking along the Avon River or sipping coffee in the South Island's largest urban center. This city is different. More than 12,000 students attend the university's more than 70 educational programs.

Victoria University of Wellington, You will never feel bored in the capital of New Zealand. Be it outside or inside the campus, there will be a lot of interest. By studying at this university, you can make a career in many industries.

Auckland University of Technology, This University was established in 1895. This is the best university in New Zealand to study technology-related subjects. Apart from technology, courses in liberal arts, hospitality, and tourism management are also offered here Universities in New Zealand offer 4 scholarship programs for Indian students.

Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship, This scholarship is to support degree students from Asian countries. Candidates should be a citizen of an Asian country. Candidates must send applications to the Scholarships website. Applications were accepted from previous applicants also. The tenure for this scholarship is 1 year. The number of awards is restricted to 1.

AUT International Excellence Scholarship - South Asia, Applicants for this award should register on the scholarship websites. The number of awards under this scholarship is 10. The closing date is the 15th of November. The Applicants must be new full-fee-paying international students from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives. Previous students cannot apply. Applications are not accepted from students who have already commenced their studies at AUT.

Ah, Nua Scholarship - Applicants must be a citizen of Asian countries. Recipients must be full-fee-paying international students. The tenure is 1 year and the number of awards given is one.

Colombo Plan Scholarship in Engineering - The Scholarship will be awarded to an international student who is a citizen Asian country. Candidates should send their applications to the website. The tenure is one year.

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