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Gowri Shankar CNTU - Singapore Masters in Material Science

IMTP consultant helped me a lot in my application process. I got admit in Msc Material science at NTU Singapore which is the world's best university in the department of material science. Before reaching IMTP I asked 2-3 consultant for applying to Singapore universities they told me that I will not got admit and if they apply they Will lose their reputation because I had only 7.2 CGPA . But IMTP took me in a positive way then special thanks to prem bro who helped me in application process.

Gurur Prabu James Cook University - Singapore

I am Gurur Prabu from CS Academy , approached IMTP for study abroad opportunities and they assisted me to get an offer in JCU for my bachelors. Detailed explanation on course selection , university selection and VISA process. I prefer students can approach IMTP to start the career in abroad

Shivani Chlamers University - Sweden Masters in Bio Science

I got admission and I am travelling to Chlamers University with the support of IMTP Consultancy I am happy with their assistance from the time of university selection, course & VISA assistance I even undergone my GRE & IELTS classes with IMTP Consultancy , they held by efficient staffs and they concepts taken are clearly defined.Enough practice and test sections are given.I am happy for being IMTP Alumni

Tanmay Gupta Portsmouth University - UK Bachelors in Cyber Security

IMTP is a wonderful platform for aid in applying to universities around the world. Not only did they coach me for IELTS but they also helped me find a program that enhances my skill sets in my area of interest. Post completion of my A Level at Manchester International School, through IMTP’s guidance, I was able to get admitted in the University of Portsmouth in the Cyber Security program. I thank everyone at IMTP Consultancy for their guidance all along.

Marrappan GMAT

It's the best consultancy in Allahabad for anyone who's planning to go abroad for higher studies. I'd also like to mention Kuldeep Sir who has been an amazing mentor to me, without his help I wouldn't have made this far. Go for it for IELTS ,TOEFL , GRE etc.!The classes are structured according to the requirements of respective exams.

Erum Siddiqui Cambrian College, Canada

It's the best consultancy in Allahabad for anyone who's planning to go abroad for higher studies. I'd also like to mention Kuldeep Sir who has been an amazing mentor to me, without his help I wouldn't have made this far. Go for it for IELTS ,TOEFL , GRE etc.!The classes are structured according to the requirements of respective exams

Swame Naathun University of Nottingham, Malaysia

Our son R.B.Swame Naathun is pursuing his undergraduate degree programme in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. We met the representative of this University in the educational fair organized by IMTP at Coimbatore.Right from the application submission to visa processing, the staff members of IMTP have been constantly guiding us. In fact,IMTP has guided us to make the right decision regarding our son's study abroad. We are very thankful for the constant guidance and support.

Owais Fleming College, Canada

Well starting with IMTP is the best and most genuine consultancy in Allahabad for overseas education consultation They're are really committed towards their job Kuldeep sir head at Allahabad branch is gem of a person and is always there to assist u regardless of your situation.They are very professional in their process of working and they will provide you with the best options available for you according to your need and profile So i would recommend any one planning for abroad should consult them and they will surely provide u with the best options available for You.

Arafat Alam Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Moldova, Europe

I'm very happy to work with this company. Its services, its working process, step by step all are very good and fine. I liked it very much and I'm very thankful to Mr. Kuldeep (IMTP Consultants, Allahabad Office) who gave me the guidance. Thank you soo much sir. I hope in future your great work continues!!

Sachin Middlesex University, UK

IMTP is very good consultancy and provides friendly service. They offer Interactive classes and interesting topics for the discussion. Had fun with more knowledge on Higher education planning and process.

Balaji Kannappan N Concordia University - Montreal, Canada

I heard about IMTP through my family firend. After reaching IMTP I was advised about the different universities / course and opportunities. The complete process was hassle-free and most of the cumbersome tasks which was carried out in professional manner. I got an opportunity to learn and cope-up with the process as well. I got exceptional support and assistance from Mr.Prashanth and Mr.Sasidharan. A satisfactory service by IMTP.

Srijan Verma University of Nottingham, UK

Best consultancy I have ever encountered. It is because of them I could get through University of Nottingham real smooth. Kuldeep sir (consultant at IMTP Allahabad) played an important and an excellent role as a guide. The advises he gave were very personalized and the solutions to our problems were given almost immediately. Guys if you are looking for a consultancy for admissions in countries abroad......you have got IMTP.

Sri Hari Curtin University - Australia

Verry helpful in all ways for overseas education. The application process are exlpained very clearly. One of the best institutes in CBE.

Prabhu U of Canterbury - NZ

I learned a lot during my IELTS classes and the service and guidance were extremely good from IMTP overseas education. Moreover, I felt a bond and friendship in the place to get advice from them. Now I am flying to New Zealand with their help and support.

Nidharshan Lasalle College - Singapore

I am greatful and thankful to IMTP Consultancy for getting the opportunity to study my ambition course Animation, in Lasalle College - Singapore. I appreciate the Friendly and effective service of IMTP Team

Prasanna Venkatesh Vasudevan Queen Margaret University, UK

When another person dreams your dreams and wishes your wishes you are experiencing Ensi, the student counselor from IMTP. The entire team (Mr. Gigeo, Hema, Babitha) integrate seamlessly to provide a professional experience and a space to fulfill your dream of education overseas from a wide variety of options wrt universities and courses. Also I opted for the IELTS training module from Mrs. Mallika and the level of satisfaction is exuberant. What you get at IMTP: listening to your needs, appropriate guidance, vast knowledge and experience, competency and last but not least a wholesome package of everything a student wishes from a mentor regarding education.

Ashwin Abu Lancaster University, UK

IMTP is the most genuine educational consultancy service out there. They helped me with my Admission, IELTS, Visa application and visa interview. The university options that they put forth for you is actually based on your 12th standard performance, I don't think the universities that are advised by them are based monetarily but on the overall capabilities of the applicant. IMTP gives you suggestions that are in your best interest. They analyse your strong and week points and advise accordingly. I strongly recommend IMTP (Allahabad) if you are planning to study abroad.

Mahalakshmi Guruprasad Monash University, Australia

This is Mahalakshmi Guruprasad. I am currently pursuing my Masters In Monash University in Melbourne. I have come to study here, through IMTP, Chennai. They were very helpful and efficient in their processing. The IMTP team helped me with my University applications and visa applications. They were patient and helpful with regard to answering my queries. Their cheerful attitude is indeed an added advantage. I would definitely recommend IMTP to students who wish to study abroad.

Gokul Raj Ireland

I would like to first say a billion thanks to the entire team and a brilliant consultant Ms Ensi , who had been a pillar of support from the time I was in my under graduation till I end up getting placed in a good college for my post graduation. I would like to mention a special thing that I think is a highlight when it comes to me and IMTP, it is that I have never visited the consultancy even once until now. I would like to stress on this point because, I don't think there is any other agency that allows someone work only on telephone and e-mails, as I was residing in an other city. All of the credit once again goes to Ms. Ensi who handled each and everything in her own style that made me more comfortable to work with. The Consultancy stays with you in each and every step you take in shaping your future. Starting from choosing the right college and course that matches your profile. They take an extra care in you and your visa procedures, as IMTP never tries to take any risks when it comes to your future. I would like to extend my gratitude towards the Consultancy as even after I landed in the country they had me ensuring that if things were fine, and arranged everything that I needed all the way. They play a major part in enlightening your future. Thanks

Joash Ryerson University, Canada

MTP has provided unparalleled visa consultancy service to me. When I initially approached IMTP, I barely had any idea of the tedious and elaborate visa procedure. My counselor patiently guided me throughout the process including preparation of financial documents, guiding me on how much fund need to be prepared, helping in preparation of Visa Intent essay, application filling and gathering documents as per the CIC checklist. After months of hard-work and patiently supervising me, I got my student visa and this wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of my IMTP counselor. I highly recommend all future aspirants to approach IMTP for finest study-abroad consultancy services.

Srivatsa U of Canterbury, NZ

Having worked as a doctor in India, Srivatsa chose to come to UC to transform into a research based career. A newcomer to campus, Srivatsa believes UC is the perfect place to study. IMTP Consultants showed me the right direction. New Zealand was always my first choice, because it's beautiful! It's not crowded and the people are warm & welcoming. The campus is huge with lots greenery. It's easy to get around so you spend a lot less time worrying about getting places on time. Srivatsa is delighted to be finding the perfect balance between life and study. The timetable they set for you is in the perfect harmony with your extracurricular activities. You can pursue your interests and still have time for study. It makes life much easier. Everything is a walk in the park at UC.

Natasha Madhavan Maynooth University, Ireland BA Economics and Finance

I approached IMTP Overseas Education Consultancy Services [ Chennai ] Pvt. Ltd. because I required help with finding the most ideal course and university for my undergraduate studies. This company helped to find the most appropriate course for me, and carried out all the procedures for admissions and visa applications very smoothly. I got admission in Maynooth University, Ireland for BA Economics and Finance. I would definitely recommend their services to students out of high school who are searching for the perfect university and course, for a bright future ahead of them.

Ashwin Kumar RMIT University, Australia Masters in Information Technology

I am Aswin Kumar, currently doing my Masters in Information Technology at RMIT University, Melbourne City Campus. After deciding to pursue my higher education I had taken up initiatives to complete the required examinations myself and had written my IELTS. Only after receiving my IELTS scorecard did I realize that it was just the tip of the iceberg and I needed help in various other processes involved. Thanks to a friend of mine, I came to know of IMTP consultancy who have helped me throughout the process. All I had to do was talk to them about the country and the course that I wanted to take up and the rest was up to them. They helped me in filtering the university and the course among the various options available and explained the various pros and cons of all the opportunities available. Once decided on the university the consultancy has helped me in getting all the documents right, explained the various process in the visa application, dos and don’ts to be followed at Australia and even helped in arranging the tickets for my air travel. It is with the help of IMTP’s guidance that I had got my place at RMIT University and I am ever thankful for their help. I’d recommend them to anyone who is aspiring to study abroad.

S. Karthik Nanyang Institute of Management, Singapore

I am Karthik from Coimbatore and completed my Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality at Nanyang Institute of Management, Singapore. I was very much interested in doing my further education abroad but was really confused where to go and which institution to choose? After all my research I approached IMTP Coimbatore office and met with Mr.Sasidharan. I was given a good counseling about the university and the institutions abroad.More over my English fluency was not that great to enroll for an education overseas. Based on my qualification and with my level of English knowledge I was suggested a very good Institution in Singapore for my budget which gave me the option of working on Internship for 6 months. I was able to earn about SGD 1200+ per month.

Arshadh ithuanian Sports University, Lithuania Masters in Sports Bio Medicine

It was a wonderful experience with IMTP consultancy chennai.... I had approached them just before the application deadlines and they put lot of extra effort to complete my admission . I was impressed with their thorough knowledge about the application, housing and Visa procedures and their guidance and it made the process very easy for me. The journey with them was very nice and they guided me in each and every step starting from my admission process to till my pre-departure guidance. WithIMTP's guidance and God's wishes I am now studying Master's Sports Bio medicine at Lithuanian sports University.This is One of the oldest and top university among-st sports in Europe's.Now I am very satisfied with studies and sports activities here...I am also receiving monthly scholarship for the Erasmus program.... I am so happy with their services and have already recommend IMTP to my friends....

Prithivi Ram Duraisingam University of Twente, Netherlands Master of Science in Embedded Systems

My name is Prithivi Ram and I am pursuing my Master of Science in Embedded systems at the University of Twente. It was after some extensive research and positive references that I decided to break the barriers and fly away to the Netherlands. Even though this is not a common destination for Indian students, I knew, once I had arrived, that I had made really good decision.

Amitayu Chakraborty ames Cook University, Singapore Campus MBA /MIT

Hi Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to send you a thank you for the great work that you have done for me. You have completely listened to what I needed as a student, set my expectations and over delivered on those expectations. Your ability to understand my NEEDS and to get right to the point with a plan of action has been instrumental for where I am today. Your passion for what you do was evident in every call and email. I am totally impressed by how efficiently IMTP has helped me from arranging the offer letter to Visa and to safe arrival in an unknown territory. There were days when I called Kuldeep 10 times and he had always answered to all my questions with patience and without any hesitations. He profoundly rebuilt my hopes of studying abroad. I can say IMTP assist students with human touch which is utterly important for any business or consultancy and one of the most important business acumen. I would like to thank Kuldeep personally and IMTP for assisting me in achieving my first stepping stone to success. I strongly recommend IMTP for students who would like to pursue higher education in any of the foreign universities, as IMTP has the best understanding of students and again on a personal level Kuldeep is made of highest ethical fiber and has a deep understanding of assisting students and business "rhythms". Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Better relationships, more students, more dreams come true.

Naveen Jagwani James Cook University - Singapore MBA

Hello Everyone!!! It was all of a sudden that made up my mind to Singapore, n that too for MBA. I always wanted to but, not so early..Well it was then VISHAL who then told to go ahead. Let me share with u all my International Experience in new world with International students. I have done my graduation in B.Sc. (CHEMISTRY). I enjoyed a lot my graduation..but then finally I have to move in life to become something..I then did LAW for couple of months in patent law. I also had work exp..but before grad..haha. as it was not considered for MBA..Then I came to know about IMTP Consultancy. It was then vishal who helped to choose the university and course according to my needs....I should not forget VIVEK also he was the one who helped in all possible ways....Everything frm filling up forms, my visas et al. He was in Hyderabad n all the conversation happened to on phone..hmm imagine!! As budget is most imp they offered me JUCS ie James Cook University Singapore. He told me abt the profile of JCUS, their campus.. as it was shifting to new one..Most important, the course is for AN YEAR ..time saving.. well JCUS is happening place to be..people here all are friendly nature. Campus is huge..all amenities r provided..best part of it is its students lounge. It’s so happening , full of colors..JCU in Australia is among top ten universities..here I am attaching some of JCUS pics..have a look @it. Yes I must say that here most of them r Indians. Even the professors..i must say marketing one MR.PARAM is mind blowing..timings are quit flexible. N yes u will get enough time to buzz around Singapore. well folks there is lot to say..its never ending..so here is my BEST WISHES to ALL aspiring students..VISHAL, VIVEK and TO IMTP ..thanks a lot..

Deepti University of Nottingham MBA

Hi Everyone, Being a student of Nottingham University, UK has given me a very good exposure to a different culture, along with the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world with varied backgrounds and professional experiences. The Quality of education and teaching staff is excellent and there is a lot of learning from both group and individual assignments and presentations. The IT infrastructure and other facilities such as the library and the cafeteria's are very superior. The University library carries a wide variety of journals, reference books and study material you would require to successfully complete your course. The course itself is very rigorous and intensive and includes guest lectures and interactions with prominent industry leaders. I am currently2 with one of the IT Giants, Cognizant Technologies as Sr. HR Executive. On the whole – a very valuable learning experience. I would offer special thanks to the IMTP counsellor for guiding me through all my admission procedure right from selecting university to landing on the university campus. The Visa counsellor for his professional advise for my visa & financial matters and for helping me out in preparing my visa papers. Without them it would have been very complicated. it was a very distinctive experience with IMTP. I wish IMTP to keep up the good work and continue this journey of realizing a student's dream abroad.

Prasanna Iyyappan University of Nottingham MBA

Dear all, I am happy to share my international experience with all aspiring, prospective international students. By profession, I am a Qualified Accountant with a vision to build a challenging international career. After working for couple of years in Chennai, i was seriously thinking about joining an MBA and i got to know about IMTP Consultancy. Mr. Gigeo from IMTP helped me a lot in choosing a best suited Course and University to my profile. He understood my requirements very well and suggested an array of options matching my budget. Moving on to the next person being Mr. Vishal an alumnus of The University of Nottingham. He is an amazing person (now a good friend of mine), with full of enthusiasm to give me the insight about the university profile, campus life, etc. All these information helped me in thoroughly analyzing the pros and cons of my university and the result is now I am an alumnus of The University of Nottingham. My journey to Nottingham was pleasant and challenging. My best wishes to all the aspiring students. Kudos to Gigeo, Vishal and their team. Just keep going and keep growing.

Ashvin Balachandran Sri Krishna Arts and Science College B.Com

I am Ashvin Balachandran. I completed my Undergraduate in B.Com (BUSINESS PROCESS SERVICES) from Sri Krishna Arts and Science College. After my graduation, I was very keen and obsessed to study in the UK as my preferred destination. Since I did not know about the processes/ procedures involved in securing a place in a n University in the UK, my uncle referred me to IMTP education Consultancy. Ever since the initial meeting, the IMTP officials have helped me right from booking an appointment for the IELTS examination, coaching for the IELTS and then the processing for the Course application to the Universities. Finally, I have got my place in Sheffield Hallam University, Courtesy the IMTP consultancy. I am indebted to the Consultancy for all their services they have provided to me from the beginning. I would recommend IMTP to anyone who approaches me.