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"Choose Malaysia to Learn with Pleasure"

Why study MBBS in Malaysia?

One of the best countries offering top-class medical degrees in Asia is Malaysia. With affordable rates and premium facilities, Malaysian universities are equipped with world-class facilities for medical students. Indian and international students consider studying in Malaysia is far more hassle-free than in other places. It has many globally recognized universities and the language of instruction is English which is convenient for all. All the medical courses have been approved by MCI and WHO the study includes a 6-year program with a 5-year academical term and I year of internship in distinguished hospitals affiliated with universities. The curriculum of Malaysian universities is benchmarked to international standards. Many universities in Malaysia give better individual practice and patient care. The interdisciplinary programs and the opportunity to work with the team will widen your horizons and perspectives in the learning process.

If this interests you, learn more about Malaysian universities and continue to read. This article will help all novice students have a clear idea about studying MBBS in Malaysia.

Why do people prefer Malaysia?

The admission process is simple and hassle-free. It is widely accepted worldwide and the success ratio of students is also increasing year by year. Further, this is supported by its living cost and diverse culture. The health care system in Malaysia has a two-tier system. It includes both public and private. Both are supported by the government and health insurance companies. Malaysian culture is also ready to accept all diversities. It is now home to almost lakh international students.

What are the benefits of studying MBBS in Malaysia?

For a medical aspirant, Malaysian universities offer maximum comfort and quality education. The universities offer mentor-mentee programs. The staff and student ratio is well maintained. All the staff is well qualified and has experience from world-class universities. The exposure to clinics and hospitals in the early years. The living cost and transportation charges in Malaysia are comparatively economical compared to other places. It is a safer place for women to travel and live. The country is safe and stable in political, economic, and social aspects.

What is the budget for MBBS in Malaysia?

Compared to other places Malaysia is affordable for all international and native students. All international students have to carry the application and visa fee including health insurance and other fees. The average study duration may vary with each university and its affiliates. The fees are subjected to an annual increase by partner universities also. Many universities are committed to rewarding students who are excellent in academics with their scholarships. the tuition fees range from 55000RM to 110000 RM per year. Living expenses range from 15000 RM to 20000 RM per year.

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Documents needs for MBBS in Malaysia

Admission process

Select the college of your choice and apply on its website. Once the forms are filled, documents and scanned copies can be taken for future reference. Pay the registration fees and tuition fees. Get the confirmation letter and then apply for Visa. Once Visa is obtained, you can book the ticket for Malaysia

  • The minimum age for the candidate should be 17
  • An academic score of PCB of the student must be 50%
  • NEET clearance is the primary condition to enroll.
  • The student pass includes the visa processing fee of 2500.
  • A declaration form for complete health details.
  • Transfer certificate from other universities and acknowledgment from immigration.
  • If the Student loan is taken, the details of the agreement.
  • Completed application form and scanned copies of passport and other id’s
  • Passport size photos with background
  • English Language test scores by IELTS and TOEFL

Whether students can do a part-time job in Malaysia?

If you are ready to handle the pressure of your studies, then you can work part-time. Working in medical shops, hospitals as an assistant in clinics. Giving coaching to your juniors, career counseling, etc is the best choice.

Opportunities for successful candidates.

After successfully finishing the degree, students will have many alternatives. One option is to go to their native and establish themselves as a medical practitioner. Many hospitals consider an international MBBS degree holder as an asset for their concern. The next option is to stay back in Malaysia after securing a Work visa from the country. Many students continue there to finish their masters also. These students are also eligible for UK and US masters. Many students shift to Uk and USA after getting PLAB and USMLE.

Reasons to Study in Abroad

  • No Donation / No Capitation Fees
  • Medium of Instruction is English
  • New teaching methodology
  • exploring countries and developing networks around the globe
  • World class Infrastructure
  • International Exposure

Required Documents for admissions

  • 10th & 12th Standard Score card
  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate


Entrance test are required for developed countries.

Admission process for the current year have started students can register for free counselling with IMTP.