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I am below 18. Can I still study abroad?

Yes you can. Your parents or guardian have to write a letter indicating that they are aware you are going abroad for studies, and funding your studies.

There are so many great reasons why students travel abroad and it has numerous benefits. The most important reason to study abroad is world class education.

The list is numerous. A number of first-world countries allow expatriates from less developed nations to study in their schools. Example of these countries are;

  • UK
  • USA

As an international student you can enjoy medical care, scholarships for international students, employment after graduation and PR in certain countries.

Yes, students can work part time in all countries, 20hrs a week which will help the students to afford their living expenses in their respective countries.

Affordable fees, part time job, internship opportunities, working in projects, research based education, work opportunities after graduation.

Find the best country and course based on your profile and field of study with program specialization.

Once you have found such countries, courses depending on your budget and career, look for opportunities in the countries that offer the scholarships, part time job, research etc...

You can get international exposure with international contacts from the country you're studying and you will also get new colleges from different nationalities. It’s an opportunity to learn about their lifestyle and culture.

A new environment is always filled with new challenges. Most of the Indian students face the below challenges for a couple of months once they reach abroad.

Culture shock, homesickness, loneliness, financial difficulty and planning, language barriers (certain countries).

What are the requirements to study abroad?

Requirements differ from one program to another and also from country to country. Some of the common requirements are listed below;

Be enrolled at a designated college or university

Proof of funds to for entire course and living

Be in good health (you might need to complete a medical exam)

Common documents needed to study abroad?

  • Birth certificates
  • O level / A level or higher secondary results (certificate and statement of results)
  • Bachelor’s certificate or statement of results (for post graduates)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Valid passport
  • Recommendation letter
  • Statement of purpose
  • GRE/GMAT OR TOEFL/IELTS (differs from countries or universities) and etc.

It’s not mandatory to speak the country's local language. However, you need to make efforts to understand the basic words of that country if it’s not an English speaking nation.

Yes, that's the whole point of going to study abroad, to meet and make friends from international locations or students from all over the world.

Yes you can apply however you need other required documents and meet the eligibility for the particular course and university, the school may give you a conditional offer letter and once you submit the IELTS or TOEFL you can receive an unconditional offer letter.

Yes you can. There is no limit in the number of times you visit a country for higher education, you should submit the successful completion of previous graduation .

Universities have standard safety measures in place to protect both international and domestic students.

There are multiple intakes for each country however Aug & Sept intake is the major intake. Students can apply to universities once they have the required documents on hand.


Hi I am an Electronics Engineer and I want to do MS in Software engineering, what are the options abroad?

An Electronics Engineer can look at doing specilisations in the area of Telecom Software, Networking, Satelite communications, embedded systems. Several good Universities in UK, USA, and in Europe like Netherlands offers Masters in these areas. If you are looking at going to USA, you should write GRE and TOEFL. If you are looking at European Universities, you need good Academics ( a score 80% will be required). You should plan to apply atleast an year in advance to get admissions.

What are the intakes in Australian universities for master degree in engineering?

The major intakes for Doing Masters in engineering are July or February of every year. You need to apply to the Universities a full 5 to 6 months in advance. The visas to Australia could take anywhere between 1.5 to 2 months. Depending on your specialization, choose the right University and right course. Engineering is very popular in Melbourne and Perth ( Western Australia, which boasts of huge mining activity).

I am a final year student of engineering and my graduation will be completed in June 2012 and i want to go for further studies in Melbourne, Australia. Please suggest me some good universities?

Melbourne is a Highly academic city with several good Universities. You can look at RMIT University, University of Melbourne, Monash, Swinburne, Latrobe, Australian Catholic University, etc. Melbourne has a substantial Indian community and offers a large variety of courses. With plenty of opportunities, Melbourne is an excellent city for an Indian student to pursue Higher studies or Doctoral studies. If you are completing the course in June 2012, you can look for the Feb 2013 intake. You need to have a good academic background apart from IELTS score of atleast 6.0 and above to apply to good Universities.

Hi. I am wishing to do my B.tech IT in US. What are the housing options available to me?

Undergraduate students normally prefer to stay on campus for the first 6 months to get themselves acclimatized to the University ambience. After that there are plenty of Private houses or Home stay options available at very affordable costs compared to the University accommodation available. Most Indian students join the University and look for ideal group of students in the first semester and take up apartments and share between themselves to cut costs and also share cost like Car, internet bills, food etc.

I have done B.tech in India in electronics and communications and i want to do M.S in US and i have 58% in b.tech it is possible to do MS?

Though 58% is slightly on the lower side, a Good GRE score of 300 and above combined with a decent TOEFL can fetch you an admit in a decent American University. If your History of arrears is high then, you need to apply to Universities in the Middle range, do well in your first semester and then can apply for a Credit transfer to a good University in the 2nd or 3rd semester. ECE is quite a popular course and there are lots of good specializations available in Communications like Mobile Computing, satellite communication.

Hello sir/Madam, i am doing my B.tech(3rd semester) in civil. I want to do MS in my core. What percentile I must have to get into a very good MS university?

A good first class ( 60%) is a must to get in to a good University. Plus every university asks for specific requirements like GRE, TOEFL or IELTS. Some Universities in the Top 100 world list requires 70% minimum to qualify. Most Research Universities also look in to the student’s C0-curricular activities apart from marks. Paper presentation and any research based activity will also be given weightage.

I am in third year of engineering. I am good in studies. I scored 85% in 12th from CBSE and now doing engineering from MDU campus. I want to know which country is better of M.S in wireless communication?

Wireless Communication is very popular in USA and also in UK. US has several popular Universities which offer Telecommunication based MS programs. Eligibility to the course in USA will depend a lot on your BE or Btech marks, your GRE marks.

I completed MCA in India, I like to do MS is USA; please suggest me about which specialization i have to take?

Computer Science has several specilisations and it is up to the individual to choose the one which fits his interest. Students can choose between the following specilsations. MS programs are offered in Computer Science, Embedded Systems, MIS, VLSI, Networking, IT Management, RDBMS, Robotics, SAP, etc.

I’m a final year aeronautical engg. student and want to change my stream to mass communication. Is it a wise choice at this point of my career? And is it better to do MS in mass comm in India or USA as it’s a country related field and USA and India differ a lot in this field. Please advise?

Aeronautical to Mass Communication is a Huge change of field. Mass Communication is a good field in USA but most Universities would need a relevant background in Bachelor level in Visual or Mass communications. But students who are keen on doing a Masters can look at doing a MBA with specilisations in Public relations and Advertising and your BE should be sufficient to get admissions. You only need to do a GMAT to get entry to do an MBA in USA. The industry in India is also good but USA has several Multi Billion Dollar corporations and has a very matured Advertising and PR industry.

I wish to pursue masters (full time) in Building services engineering. Some of the universities in the UK offer only for September intake. I would like to know are there any universities in New Zealand offering this course?

You should try the Masters in Construction management in AUT University and University in Massey in New Zealand. Both of them are very High quality Universities and offers excellent scope for Jobs. Both the Universities offer the course in july intake but would require high academic marks along with a good IELTS score of atleast 6.5 to get admissions.

General Management and Business

I am looking for a summer program for a fashion merchandising major abroad; let me know more information about it?

Summer programs abroad are not easy to get for Indian students. The general short courses for which you can apply are 1 year or 2 year courses. Raffles Design school in Singapore offers a good Fashion marketing course Diploma but it is a 2 year course.

HI, I am about to pursue Master's in Airport Management abroad, I want to know about the scope of this course?

ACCA is a good program but may not be of great help to you if you come back to India. ACCA is also recognized quite well in Middle east economies and in Europe. If you want to look at opportunities in India, I would prefer you to do CA in India.

Hi, I am a B.Com (H) Graduate, I also have an advance diploma in Business Finance from ICFAI. I am planning to do ACCA-UK and need to know its scope in India?

ACCA is a good program but may not be of great help to you if you come back to India. ACCA is also recognized quite well in Middle east economies and in Europe. If you want to look at opportunities in India, I would prefer you to do CA in India.

Hi, I have done B.tech in electronics and comm. I would like to enhance my techno management skills so I would like to know whether it is good to do PG Diploma in project management?

PG Diploma or MS in Project Management is ideal for someone who is keen on being successful during your middle management tenure. Project management sills are very important in positions or firms which handle many vendors and highly needed in high capital intensive industries like Construction, telecommunication, power, etc.

Hi, I am an Economics graduate and would like to pursue my career in news reading (journalism), please tell me the career opportunities for this course?

New reading is a highly competitive industry and is not worth waiting for. But most news Readers have some experience in journalism. General journalism is very good but needs excellent communication skills, excellent general knowledge, ablity to travel, spend tireless nights covering stories and guts to stand up and fight for your cause. If you have these qualities, you can become a good journalist.

Hello, I am a 2nd year student of economics honors studying in Kolkata. I wish to pursue my higher studies from abroad. Preferred places for studying are US, UK or Australia. If you could give me a step by step guideline about what to do and when it would be very helpful?

The following steps are required to pursue Higher education abroad.

  • 1. The first step to study abroad is to choose the right program to pursue.
  • 2. Choose the right University for your choice in all the countries.
  • 3. Find out the requirements of each University, look out for Academic requirement, exam requirement ( GRE, GMAT,TOEFL, IELTS, etc)
  • 4. Find out if you can afford the cost of studying in those University
  • 5. Find out the deadline to apply to the University and prepare document required for admissions ( SOP, Reco’s, Transcripts, etc)
  • 6. Put in the application well in time.
  • 7. Once admissions are through, plan your finances. If it is your own fund, then collate them or if you are planning for a Bank loan, approach a good Bank and seek loan.
  • 8. Prepare documents for visa and apply for visa
  • 9. Once your visa comes though, plan your tickets, accommodation at the University campus, purchase items required, etc.
  • 10. Make arrangements for paying fees, funds required for personal expenses, etc.
I wanted to go abroad to study for undergraduate degree. What are options available for commerce students?

Commerce is a hugely popular course abroad and got several choices to make . several Universities also offer Dual specializations at bachelors level. The choices you can make varies from Economics, Finance, Marketing, HRM, International Business, Logistics, Advertising and PR to name a few. The right choice of country and University will depend on the student’s marks, affordability levels and specialization required.

I'm a B.com graduate and have completed International CFA level1 in 2010. I'm looking for any short course, Applied Finance complements my CFA program and so could you suggest a good university offering this course?

Short courses are generally available abroad for Indian students in Universities abroad. Most Diploma courses are generally one year courses with a few exception of Diploma courses of 7 to 8 months or PG Diploma courses or 9 months in UK. But I would recommend you to do a Masters program which is a 1 year course in UK to complement your CFA.

Hi, I want to do a PG in business finance from Auckland University of Technology. What opportunities are available after completion of my course?

AUT is a very good University and ranked in the Top2 in New Zealand. A PG Diploma in AUT should assure you a good career in New Zealand. The advantage of studying in AUT is the Premium nature of AUT’s reputation and Auckland being the nerve centre of New Zealand should get you a position with a Multi National Banking or Finance firm. Auckland is the centre of all banking activity in New Zealand and is a very good option.

What is the entry requirement for Masters of International Business & Marketing at London metropolitan University (UK?)

To study at MMU for MIB, you need to have a first class degree from a good University in India with an IELTS score of 6.0 and above. Work experience is not mandatory to get admission. Apply well in advance to plan your admissions and visa. The new visa regulation requires you to show about 9000 UK pounds for living expenses along with the exact tuition fees required.

Hotel Management and Hospitality

I want to do Hotel Management Course from Australia because I can arrange my residence and food and it will cost me much lesser to study there. Kindly help me through this selection of university and course?

Quite a few good Hotel Management courses are available in Australia. Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most popular colleges in Australia which offers an excellent opportunity in the Hotel management line as well in Culinary. The Sydney campus is very good with an excellent infrastructure and good internships for students. Hotel management students are highly sought after in Australia and chances of becoming a PR in Australia are very good. You need to prepare for IELTS and also have a good financial backing to apply for visa.

I have completed my 16 years education, I completed hotel management diploma which is of three years after +12. Can you suggest me some universities in US that offer Msc in hotel management?

Johnson and wales University in USA is a good University to do MSc in Hotel Mangement. University of Las Vegas, Nevada is also a premium University to do Hotel Management. Another top University is Cornell which is very popular for Hotel Management but will have very high entry criteria.

I have completed my BDS. I want to do masters in Hospital management from USA. Please guide me with list of universities and the exams to be taken?

MBA or MS Hospital Administration is available in several Univeristies in USA. The exams required to be taken are GMAT and TOEFL. The admissions to the Universities will depend on your academics and GMAT score. Some Universities also require relevant work experience to apply for admission. You should plan atleast an year in advance to apply for US universities. The average cost of education will vary from 20,000 to 40,000 $ per year.

Sir, I have completed my 4 years degree course in Hotel Management with 76%, currently experienced with more than 1.5 years in hotels also got a band score of 6.5 in IELTS recently; So, can you suggest me the Universities from where, I can do my masters and also apply for scholarship (if any)?

Scholarships in Hotel Management are very rare. But Hotel Management graduates get excellent internship facility which allows them to earn while studying and offers excellent Job opportunities. USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand are good places to pursue Hotel Management. You can consider the following colleges, University College Birmingham in UK, Johnson & Wales in USA, Le Cordon Bleu in Australia, PIHMS in New Zealand to do programs ranging from PG Diplomas to Masters. Your experience in the industry will help you get internships. The score of 6.5 and your academic record of 76% should be good to get admissions.

I have finished Masters in Hotel Management and have work experience of 3 years in management level. Is it possible for me to do MBA (HR) in Australia?

I would not advise you to MBA HR. I would rather advise you to do a Masters in Hotel Management in Australia and then work in the hotel or a while. If you are keen on going to HR field, you can request the Hotel to give you an assignment in the HR department of the hotel you are working. With Hotel management being a sought after area, your experience will help you get a good job in the hotel industry in Australia and get also get you a PR in Australia if you continue to work for a few years.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying Hotel Management in Australia and India?

The benefits of doing Hotel management in India are the costs are quite affordable and entry criteria is quite easy. But Hotel Management students are not paid well and many hotel over work them during the internship period and during their training period. Many Hotel management students move away from the industry to areas like Marketing , Call centre, BPO’s and Customer service where Hotel Management students are highly sought after. The Hotel industry in Australia is highly sought after and salaries are on par with most other professionals. Salaries of 5000$ ( Rs.2.5 lakhs) plus salaries are quite common. Plus Hotel industry professionals are also given PR in Australia and it is the demand list of Job professionals. But to study hotel management in Australia, you need to have good academics, good communications skills and financial backing.

I am interested in Hotel Management courses in USA. I wish to know more about it. The institute, course fee, requirements, visa process, etc?

To do Hotel management at the UG level, you need to do SAT exams and to do Masters you need GMAT and TOEFL. Some of the good Universities are Johnson and wales, Cornell, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The fees will be in the range of about 20,000 US $ per year approx to 40,000 $. Visa process is quite exhaustive for USA. For visa you need to show funds for your first year tuition fees and living expenses. You should budge to spend about 25 to 30 lakhs to study in USA. A good alternative would be to look at UK where the costs could be in the range of 10 lakhs for Masters and about 20 lakhs for Bachelors course. Singapore also is a good alternative for Hotel Management course. James Cook University in Singapore offers a Bachelor and Masters in Hospitality management.

I am confused about doing MBA or Specialization in hotel management as i am a graduate in hotel management. Please help me decide?

I would prefer you to do a Masters in Hotel Management rather than an MBA. If you do an general MBA, you will compete in the general management line along with all general MBA students. Whereas an MS in Hotel Management will help you position yourself I the Hotel Industry. The Hotel Industry continues to grow quite strong around the world and armed with a Bachelors in Hotel Management, your future will be strong if you continue your march in the same line.

Mass communication and Media

Hi, I would like to study TV and broad casting courses in the UK, what are the career opportunities for this field of study?

MA Mass Communication is available in Universities like Leicester, Bedfordshire, Birmingham City University, Canterbury Christ Church University, etc. The opportunity is a ever growing one with plenty of scope to be in areas like Media Professionals, Public relations officers, Radio or Video Jockeys, Journalists, News readers, etc. UK has a well developed Film industry and so you can also join the film industry.

I am interested in media study course, can you suggest me some cost effective study destinations?

US, UK and Australia are very good destinations for Media programs. But it will be expensive to pursue in these countries as it might cost about 10 lakhs per year. If you want a cost effective University, look at Malaysia where is a very good University named Multi Media University which is ranked among the Top 3 universities in Malaysia and offers several Media related courses. Check the website www.mmu.edu.my for information. The program costs are very affordable like about 3 to 3.5 lakhs per year and cost of living also is very easy on your pocket. Malaysia also offers very easy visa and admission processes with minimum of documentation.

I completed my UG in the UK and now planning to study Mass Communication and Media in Australia. Should take up TOEFL and GRE please tell me how to go about this?

To study Masters of Mass Communication in Australia, you require a good first class relevant degree along with an IELTS of 6.0 plus though some Universities will require a score of atleast 6.5 and above. Macquarie University in Sydney is an excellent University for Mass Communication programs. You are not required to write GRE or TOEFL for admissions.

I want to take a course that involves film making or media arts in the US, how do I apply?

You can apply to Universities in USA. You need to have a SAT score to apply for admission to USA. Some of the best film courses are offered in Florida State University, New York University, University of Southern California, etc. You also need to have a TOEFL score to apply for these Universities. You generally need to apply one year in advance to be eligible for admissions. Some Universities will also ask for a Portfolio of the candidate to assess an application.

What exactly are ones future opportunities after completing a major in communication/mass media from the US?

Students who do mass communications can seek to become Media Professionals, Public relations officers, Radio or Video Jockeys, Journalists, News readers, etc. The opportunity is very good in USA since most firms in USA employ PR employees or Spokespersons to speak to media. The market in USA is very matured and Communication professionals are paid quite handsomely.

Can a MA Mass Communication and Journalism degree through distance education do an Mphil or PHD in the same line in US? If yes, what is the procedure?

MPhil or PHd from a good University is not available through online or Distance learning mode. If you are keen on pursuing Phd, you should generally have a relevant Masters Degree, have some years of experience in the right industry and then approach a University with a good Research proposal about what Research you intend to do, the methodology, the expertise you can provide for the research etc and start dialogue with a professor from the University. Once the professor approves the research Proposal, then the student can apply for scholarships. Funding for Phd is generally available once the research is approved by the relevant Professor.


I am currently a commerce student in class 11 of a reputed CBSE affiliated school in Kolkata. I would like to study economics in the US. Could someone please guide me in this matter? Also - i would like to know about the cost involved? In short - I need complete guidance on this matter. Can anybody help me out?

To do Bachelors in economics in USA, you need to write SAT as well as TOEFL exams. Most Universities require the student to apply atleast 1 year in advance and general documents required are Academic marks, Statement of Purpose, two Recommendation letters from Teachers, TOEFL & SAT marks, Financial affidavit etc. The general cost of a good bachelors programs vary from 15,000 to 25,000 Dollars per year. The cost will vary from state to state and also depends on whether the University is a Private or Public/ State funded University.

What is the eligibility to study MA Economics in Australia? How do i apply and when should i apply, i am in the final year?

To apply for Masters in Economics, you generally require a Commerce Bachelors degree with atelast a 60% marks and IELTS of 6.0 and above. Most good Universities in Australia offer Masters in Economics like University of Melbourne, Macquarie University, La Trobe, etc. You can apply with your Pre-final semester marks and if you are found eligible you will be given a Conditional offer of Admission which will be made Unconditional once you furnish your final semester marks, IELTS and provisional degree. You need to apply for visa well in advance. The major intakes are in February and July of Every year.

I want to avail education loan in my name for my son to study BA Economics in UK/USA. Is it possible? If yes how should i go about this and can I claim IT benefits?

Educational loans are easily available from all nationalized banks in India and banks generally look for the financial credibility of the sponsor of the student, normally the parents before they give out a bank loan. The maximum loans available are generally about 20 lakhs which can be availed for Tuition fees and living expenses. The banks also look to give loans only if the student gets admissions from a credible and recognized Universities in UK or USA. Approach a bank and seek guidance. Generally you can claim IT benefits for a certain portion and please check with a Chartered Accountant and seek guidance.

What are my chances of getting into Coventry University with a 3.14/4 cumulative GPA from a top 30 U.S university. I also have work experience of 1+ year?

Coventry University admissions require a 60% marks and you GPA should be eligible to seek admissions. Your work experience will also be a good advantage when you seek admission provided the work experience is related to the area you are applying to. But what is most important is that most Universities look for relevant degree and seek guidance from the University website and apply well in advance.

How to get admission for PHD in economics in US/UK Universities?

If you are keen on pursuing Phd, you should generally have a relevant Masters Degree, have some years of experience in the right industry and then approach a University with a good Research proposal about what Research you intend to do, the methodology, the expertise you can provide for the research etc and start dialogue with a professor from the University. Once the professor approves the research Proposal, then the student can apply for scholarships. Funding for Phd is generally available once the research is approved by the relevant Professor. You should be prepared to spend about 3 to 5 years to complete research. Generally students pursing Phd will be get opportunity to work as a Tuitor or as a Teaching assistant which will be paid for. But PhD is a highly rigorous course and it is not meant for the weak hearted.


I have completed my +2 and would like to know what is the basic qualification required to apply for LAW in the UK?

You can directly apply for Bachelor of Law in UK. You need to have atleast 75% marks in standard 12th and an IELTS or TOEFL score for putting in an application. Some Universities accept Direct application forms and some Universities do not entertain direct UG applications. For those Universities you need to apply through UCAS, a central application process through which you can apply to 5 universities in UK. University of Lincoln is a well known University in UK and it offers several UG program in Law. Check the weblink www.lincoln.ac.uk and look for programs in LLB, Law & criminology, Law & Politics, etc. You can also check the other Universities which offer law in UK like Middlesex University, University of Glasgow, University of Nottingham and University of Salford for information.

What are the career prospects in India after getting a degree in Cyber Law from UK?

Cyber Law is a Universal program and has got excellent career opportunities across the globe. With so many online firms and online frauds increasing by the day, Cyber lawyers have tons of opportunities. Banks and DotCom firms will employ them and UK is a highly popular place for cyber Law programs.

I have completed my graduation with economics,now I intend to study law in the US. Could someone help me out with the details? Also, could you mention the criterion for financial aid, as I plan to do it on my own?

Generally Financial Aid is not available in US for pursuing Law. Generally you need a UG in law to apply for Masters in Law.

Is there an entrance test to study law abroad if so where can I find the resources?

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a half-day standardized test administered four times each year at designated testing centers throughout the world. Administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for prospective law school candidates, the LSAT is designed to assess Reading Comprehension, logical, and verbal reasoning proficiencies.[1] The test is an integral part of the law school admission process in the United States, Canada.

But you can pursue Law in UK where you can apply with your 12th standard marks. You can apply to Universities like University of Lincoln, Middlesex University, University of Glasgow, University of Nottingham and University of Salford for information

I would like to study business law in the Australia; does it give a career boost in India?

You can study Law in Australia. You need to have a good 12th standard marks ( atleast 75% and above) with an IELTS score of 6.0 and above will help you get admissions in one of the below mentioned Universities. The Universities which offer Law are James Cook University, Bond University, Macquarie University, Flinders Universities, etc.