IMTP helps you to study medicine in Canada’s best medical universities medical courses like doctor of medicine and master of surgery
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Foreign Study

Medical Studies in Canada

Canada is one of the forerunners offering high quality education and is a sought after destination for students globally. With high academic standards, rigorous training, high quality teaching and hands on exposure make this country a lucrative destination for young students who wish to make a high profile career in the medical field.

Canadian universities do not offer a 6 year MBBS program rather they offer a 3 or a 5 year Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery (M.D., C.M.) degree. With around a 26 medicine and medical courses , Canada offers multiple specialization choices for students to pick with English as the primary medium of instruction. Approximate costing for these courses will be CAD 25000 per year for an international student. It takes 3 years to complete an undergraduate degree and 4 years of medical schooling with residency to complete the program.

Advantages of studying in Canada:

  • A Masters degree in Medicine since Canada does not offer Bachelors degree program
  • World class education, great infrastructure and hands on learning
  • Great diversity in study
  • Rich cultural experience
  • Lots of scholarship
  • Excellent job opportunities for medical students, attractive remuneration with great life style

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