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Chinese Language Classes in Chennai

Chinese language is a very complex language where tones also play a major role. Chinese language has very few sounds. With these very few sounds they must express all the complicated thoughts. This is simply solved by using tones. The same word with various tones has very different meaning. We focus mainly in helping them communicate and express. We teach them the correct tones and the pronunciation associated with that. Our emphasis was always in correct pronunciation and proper formation of sentences. We do not deal with Chinese characters. We only teach them the spoken language.

They need not memorize complex sentences. Chinese language learning will be established during the class itself. No extra time needed to write home works or memorize. This makes them learning Chinese in Chennai easy and affordable within minimum number of hours.

We teach them tips and shortcuts in remembering vocabulary and in communicating the language.

Chinese Language is spoken in China by 1.2 billion speakers.

Today China is seen as a super power with almost more than half of the manufacturing sectors presence. Most of the business man who would like to travel to China might definitely want to try our course since it would not only impress your Chinese colleagues but might also help you break the barrier to an extent.

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