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James Cook University (Australia) Singapore Campus

University of James Cook University (Australia) Singapore Campus


About JCU Singapore:

James Cook University (Australia) Singapore Campus (registered as James Cook Australia, Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore) is fully owned by James Cook University Australia, the leading tropical research university in Australia.

The university established the company in Singapore in 2003 as part its expressed intent of internationalising its activities and in pursuit of its vision of “A brighter future for life in the tropics, world-wide”. 

All courses are registered with The Council for Private Education (Registration Number 200100786K) and our operations are governed by EduTrust. In 2008, we achieved the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organizations accreditation. All programs offered follow the same curriculum as the Australian versions.

The campus is truly multi cultural with students from Singapore and across Asia. Students from Europe and the United States enrol as well. 

Fee Protection Scheme:

The Singapore Government requires that all PEI in Singapore take action to protect any student fees paid in advance. The scheme ensures that if JCU Singapore is unable to deliver its programs due to closure for any reason then students are able to claim back any fees which have been paid in advance. 

All students must be covered by this scheme. Protection is provided through an insurance policy which is taken out by JCU Singapore on behalf of students. 






Scholarships are a awarded to eligible students through the annual Scholarship Test.

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